POR Project by Regione Veneto

POR Project by Regione Veneto

Artistic glass is moving towards technological and energetic innovation.

The main intervention within the project dedicated to Seguso Gianni’s historical glass furnace consists in the substitution of the melting furnace, fundamental for the production of glass, since the old one had both outdated technology and energetic components. The new furnace presents advanced technology, with higher isolation and an optimized heat recycling system for air pre-heating, and a high quality burner. Moreover, the current heating system of the other rooms, based on electric heatings pumps and a gas boiler, was substituted. The new one presents a district heating system, which distributes the heat generated by the furnace to other locations, fully covering the needs.

This intervention was realized thanks to POR funding, (whose specific objective is to “reduce the energetic consumptions and emissions of businesses as well as integrating renewable resources”), part of the FESR european funds towards regional development 2014-2020.

ASSE 4 “Sustainable energy and environmental quality”

Azione 4.2.1 “Incentives focused on the reduction of energetic consumptions and gas emissions of businesses and production plants, included the installation of renewable energy systems of production to prioritize high efficiency technologies”

Economic support of €71.400,00 out of a total of €238.000,00

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