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Seguso Gianni creates products and collections by collaborating with internationally renowned designers and artists.

Davide Rizzo

The architect Davide Rizzo works in Berlin and has Italian origins. He is one of Europe’s most appreciated interior designers. Each project is custom built, far from any kind of standard, designed to give it the personal style, atmosphere and exclusive character of the customer.

The Rizzo studio team is inspired by the 1920s when glamor and luxury were ubiquitous. The architect Rizzo knows how to maintain his commitment in an eclectic way, his design ranges from decorative lighting to custom-made furnishings, to objects of everyday use.

Luca Bojola

Luca Bojola is a designer and creative director with the mission of creating spaces and objects in a constant search for aesthetics. As founder of Studio Bojola, together with his multi-disciplinary, Florence-based team, he brings his philosophy to life. His self-tought creative path has been unconventional and deeply bent to experimenting directly with material form and to his love for travel. After years of experience working as creative director in the world of ceramic, in 1983 Luca Bojola opened Studio Bojola in a converted barn, located in the countryside minutes south of Florence.

Piero Figura

Piero Figura is a designer, architect, sculptor, decorator, antiquarian, costume designer: born in Puglia and graduated in architecture in Rome, today he lives and works in Milan. Here he founded an extraordinary atelier in which he creates and sells his pieces. The space, give a clear view about him: colors, shapes, figures, joints, decorations, the most striking expression of his inspiration but also of his personality.

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