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Chandeliers & Home Decor

The highest expression of Murano Glass, for lighting and interior decoration: “Rezzonico” style chandeliers, custom furniture and bespoke decor.

Tradition meets modernity in the Seguso family’s custom handiwork, setting trends and defining new aesthetic styles in classic luxury furnishings.

The Seguso family history is deeply woven together with those of Murano itself, since 1397. A carefully preserved cultural legacy, passed down with dedication.

Strong values guide our creative process every day: a true passion for beauty, hard work, and full satisfaction of our clients’ wishes and home decor needs.

Every day, mankind’s eternal challenge with fire is renewed: our Master glassmakers perform ancient rituals and pass along the secrets of the world’s finest glass.

We are waiting for you, here in Venice. Seguso’s Master glassmakers are happy to meet you in Murano, to show you the unique artwork created especially for you.

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