"Gianni Seguso's Chandeliers represent the peak of Murano Glass craftsmanship "

Passing their secrets from father to son since the 1400s the Seguso family embodies the purest and finest tradition of glass making heritage today available in the island of Murano

Seguso Murano Chandeliers

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During the ‘700 Venice was at the peak of its splendor and one of the richest family of noble merchants, the Rezzonico, asked the Murano’s glass masters to produce the most magnificent and splendid chandelier for their main ball room in order to celebrate their power and wealth. Since then the company Gianni Seguso have been recognized as the masters who best riproduce the Rezzonico tradition and still now they produce some of the most impressive and elaborate Rezzonico chandeliers available.

Gianni Seguso Glass Master

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Gianni Seguso, renowned glass Master and owner of his own glass factory in in Murano, was taught by his father from an early age, to design and draw detailed sketches and subsequently create many creative objects using Murano glass. Gianni Seguso creates high end house objects both classic and modern and exports all around the world.

Official seal of guarantee

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The Gianni Seguso factory is a proud holder of the Vetro Artistico® Murano nr 032, the official seal of guarantee that certifies all products made in the factory are actually produced on the island of Murano. To obtain this certification companies must undergo and adhear to strict regulations enforced by the regional local government (Regione Veneto).

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