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The “collections” are born out of the collaboration between Gianni Seguso, skilful master belonging to one of the most distinguished Murano glass makers dinasty, and several international artists and designers. The relationship that springs from the collaboration between “executor” and “creator” is often a conflictual one, in fact not always it is possible to translate exactly the idea into a glass work but subtle changes are needed to be accepted even if they alter the initial project. To work with glass modelled like Murano ceiling lights with a free hand means an implicit acceptance of the rules of the Murano glass making tradition while the initial approach of many artists and designers is yes enthusiastic but also quite free.

In this contest Gianni’s desire to fulfill all the different requests by artists and designers is fundamental for the good result of any collaboration, beside his glass working abilities of course. This is one of the most important reasons, most probably the main one, at the base of the success of the many collaborations between Gianni and the various artists and designers that have visited his furnace in the course of many years.

On one side a skilful master willing to confront his capacities with the ideas brought to his attention, on the other side an artist or designer with the desire to use a material that is unique, both for its difficult workmanship as much as for its incredible color palette, often the result of alchemic compositions of rare minerals, and of course also because with its transparence glass offers art a fourth dimension to explore. Every glass work made in Murano is destined to become a masterpiece lasting in time, as is demonstrated in the numerous collections present in museums all over the world.

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